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A brief Introduction to Jamiat-ur-Raza, C.I.S., Bareilly Sharif.

For the benefit of man kind and Islamic followers and its flourishing the education and schooling of the new generation is the basic need of the hour. This noble object has always drawn the attention of Imam Ahmad Rida Khan and Mufti Azam al-Hind and after them, Qadhi al-Qudhat Taaj al-Shari'ah Shaykh Akhtar Rida Khan al-Azhari to establish the grand religious institution that could be conductive to profound learning and the thorough correct understanding of the Holy Qur'an and Sunnah, so as to discover the hidden part of Islamic ideology to suit the present situations in the scientific and technological era. And to inculcate into the new generation, the true Islamic spirit and characteristics of a devoted preacher.

At the same time it may emphatically gird them up with modern knowledge, so that they could safeguard themselves against heretical ideologies and material outlook and with their reasonable and logical approach they could put forth Islam to others, as an ideal and evergreen way of life and beneficial to mankind.

The 20th century's great Islamic reviver, the Imam Ahmad Rida Khan, is the only thinker who brought an awakening in the Muslim community and provided the safe guard for Islam from the different seductions of the era.Sub serving this ideology, Taaj al-Shar'iah felt a strong urge to lay down an effective system of education for the Sunni Muslims, which may infuse into our learners orthodox as well as essential modern branches of knowledge.Hence keeping the above view, the Centre of Islamic Studies Jamiat-ur-Raza was instituted on the 29th day of May 2000 and from the very beginning it has been following this aims and objectives.