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Aims and Objectives

To prepare learners:

  • Who are well versed in the knowledge of Qur'an and Sunnnah and possess a thorough understanding of Islam. Who are well aware of non-Islamic thinking and characteristics, especially the seduction of Wahabi, Deobandi, Tablighi etc. and important problems and have their eyes on the varied genuine problems of today.
  • Who bear a real and actual Islamic(Ahle Sunnah Wal Jamaat) character and conduct which is defined by the Ala Hadrat Imam Ahmad Raza Bareilvi.
  • Who are enthusiastic about the revival of Islamic values and who can loudly proclaim Allah Tala's command and obey and love by heart to the Hadrat Mohammed SallAllahu Alaihi Wasalam.
  • Who may be above all kinds of prejudice against any group, section or faction and who are devoted and broad minded enough to carry on programmes of social and moral reform and reconstruction.
  • To setup and implement a course of study which may be the combination of religious and modern education with priority of Islam and Islamic issues. Providing all kinds of important facts belonging to the scientific researches, education and technology according to the modern world.
  • To discover the researches of Ala Hadrat Imam Ahmad Raza Bareilvi against the modern world and prove it that these researches are fully beneficial to the present life style and also evergreen for the future life style.