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Sections and Branches

Secondary Stage:

Duration three years from Class VI to VIII the course of these classes include Islamic theology, Arabic, Persian, English, Hindi Mathematics and Computer Science along with the other subjects prescribed for the student of Junior High School.

Higher Stage:

Duration 7 years. It is divided into three sub-stage, namely:

  • Molviyah Duration 2 Years (Equivalent High School)
  • Aalimah - Duration 2 Years (Equivalent Inter Mediate)
  • Fadeelah - Duration 3 Years (Equivalent Graduation)

The above-mentioned stages have the many subjects but theological subjects become deep-rooted among the students and they become no less familiar with the modern branches of knowledge to keep pace with the time. During the above- mentioned stages special emphasis is made on the education of Tafseer, Hadith, Islamic Jurisprudence, Law of Inheritance, Islamic ideology, Arabic literature, Rhetoric, Logic and Philosophy, Islamic History, Geography, Worlds Religiouns, Economics, Political Science, English literature, Memorising and recitation of the Quran and Education.

Department of Specializtion:

  • Specialization in Fiqh (Equivalent M.A.)
  • Specialization in Tafseer (Equivalent M.A.)
  • Specialization in Hadith (Equivalent M.A.)
  • Specialization in Arabic literature (Equivalent M.A.)
  • Specialization in World Religion (Equivalent M.A.)

Department of Memorization of the Quran and Its Recitation:

  • Hifz Duration 3 Years
  • Qiraat (Hafs) Duration 2 Years
  • Qiraat (Saba) Duration 2 Years Note: It has two sections - the 1st is Saba and the 2nd is Hafs.

Method of Study:

Indian Islamic College teach about only Islam and Islamic issues. Their syllabus is fully based on Arabic and Persian but our syllabus is combination of Islamic issues Arabic, Persian and Modern Education also. We teach the Islamic issues by priority, specialization Arabic and Persian seeing the requirement of English and other subjects with the necessity of Languages.

The method of our teaching is fully based on college pattern with the priority of our Islamic need and respects. By this method we have divided our full time of teaching in part of eight periods and in this 8 period we have mentioned the full syllabus by a system of books and subjects. When the peon rings the bell our teacher goes to teach their subject.

In this Jamia there is a combination of Deeniyat (Hadith, Tafseer, Logic, Philosophy, etc.) and Asriyat (Modern Education like English, Mathematics, Computer Science, Science, etc.)

Our Jamia has a well-equipped computer lab, which is very advanced in systems having 33 computers. Our students have a compulsory period to computer theory and practical. We have trying to fill the gap between Indian modern education and Islamic education method by our Islamic point of views.

Vision for the Next Five Years:

The vision for the next 5 years is divided into 2 parts - the 1st is Academic and the 2nd is Non-academic.


  • We are under process to Affiliate with the Madarsa Board of U.P. Govt. (India)
  • Our aim is to be an Arabic University. With the ideal feature.
  • Next year we are going to start some courses which the designed for especially for the Indian Muslim community which do not have the deep Islamic knowledge as a Muslims like Doctors, MCA and MBA etc.
  • We are designing a programme for the Jamia affiliation department which will provide the affiliation to other small Madrasas and Jamia (who do not have a perfect syllabus) to encouraging for the one course for all Madrasa and Jamia.
  • Our aim is next five year to enroll with the 2000 (Two thousand) student is our Jamia.
  • Our aim is to shape a team of fifty students with the Fazilat Degree. Fifty students with Hifz-e-Quran Pak Degree and 25 students in Qiraat wa Tajweed. Total one hundred students are to going FARAGHAT. The team of 20 students is ready in Takhas-sus fil Fiqh. Our above mentioned aim is to become true in next two to five years.


The requirements for the next five years are mentioned below these separate building are required for our dream set up.

  • A building for Administrative office.
  • A building for Darul Qaza & Darul Ifta.
  • A building for Darul Tasneef wa Taaleef.
  • A grand main gate is also required.
  • A building for Library.
  • An Academic building for extension of classroom.
  • A separate building for Computer Lab.
  • A commercial complex is also queued for construction.